We offer a comprehensive and personalised service to refinance your property. 

Refinancing is where you replace your mortgage with an alternative one which has better terms for you. 

You may wish to refinance for a number of reasons:

  • To take advantage of better interest rates;
  • To consolidate debts into a single loan;
  • To reduce your monthly repayments and have a longer term structured mortgage;
  • To reduce/alter risk; 
  • To increase borrowing and/or free up cash.

Let us make the process simple for you.

Contact one of our property team Braden Matson, Terry Sutcliffe, and Anna Collins

Take Advantage of our Spring Special

* Discounted fee applies to standard refinances by natural persons only,
involving one discharge of mortgage and one new mortgage

* Promotion excludes Unit Title Estates

* Land Information New Zealand Registration costs, search fees, and office expenses are additional